Bicycle Advisory Committee


Advise the Mayor, City Council, and Park Board on bicycling related issues; help advance the state of bicycle infrastructure; encourage more people to bike; educate the public; work towards more compliance with traffic laws; help the City and Park Board make bicycle plans; work to increase equity between bicyclist and other modes of transportation; review and suggest legislative and policy changes; recommend priorities for the use of public funds on bicycle projects; help ensure Minneapolis keeps and improves its status as a bicycle friendly community; serve as a liaison between Mpls communities and the City and Park Board, coordinate between difference agencies that interact with bicyclists.

Meeting Schedule

Monthly, may meet more frequently as needed


Department of Public Works

Phone Number


Number of Members

27 voting members

Appointment Process

The Committee uses the Citys open appointment process

Term of Appointment

24 months


None (bicycling parking provided)

Residency Requirement


Last updated Feb 26, 2014