Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission

Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC)


The Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission was created to shape how the City engages its residents and works with neighborhood and community organizations as well as oversee programming details and funding for neighborhood revitalization work.

  • Provide overall direction to the next phase of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program and be primarily responsible for the review of neighborhood plans and recommended approval to the City Council;
  • Make recommendations on, and monitor the distribution and use of the basic Citizen Participation Services funds, which will replace funding through the City’s Citizen Participation Program;
  • Make recommendations on the criteria, formula, distribution and use of the Neighborhood Investment Fund and monitor its distribution and use;
  • Recommend awards of grants through the Community Innovation Fund;
  • Advise the Mayor and City Council on development or improvement of community participation policies, delivery of services and decision-making processes to systematize community input into City processes;
  • Provide feedback to City departments regarding community participation and the City’s adopted Community Engagement Principles and make recommendations for improvements to City departments and the City Council as appropriate; and
  • Advise the Mayor, City Council and City departments on community issues and needs related to community participation and the City’s community participation system; and
  • Review, advise and make recommendations on the business plan and the budget for the City’s Neighborhood and Community Relations Department; and,
  • Actively assist in short and long-term planning, development and implementation of the City’s community engagement system, including possible implementation of the 2007 Community Engagement Task Force recommendations; and
  • Continuously evaluate its work and responsibilities to evolve with the needs of Minneapolis communities.


City Coordinator’s Office

Phone Number

(612) 673-3163

Number of Members


Appointment Process

7 members appointed using the Citys Open Appointment Process and a public hearing; 5 members appointed by the City Council of Minneapolis; and 2 members appointed by the Mayor of Minneapolis. 8 members selected through a process defined by the officially recognized neighborhood organizations. 1 member appointed by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Term of Appointment

2 years (with a 3 – 2 year term limit).


None (re-imbursement for parking during meetings, childcare may be provided).

Residency Requirement

Yes; members shall be residents of the City of Minneapolis who do not hold a current election certificate.

Last updated Oct 24, 2011