Minneapolis Police Conduct Oversight Commission

PurposeThe Minneapolis Police Oversight Commission was created to assure that police services are delivered in a lawful and nondiscriminatory manner and provides the public with meaningful participatory oversight of police policy & procedure.   The Commission has a variety of responsibilities, which may include:


  • Reviewing police department policies and training procedures
  • Collecting, reviewing and auditing summary data & compiling aggregate statistics relating to complaints of police misconduct
  • Facilitating, along with the police department, appropriate cultural awareness training for sworn officers
  • Contributing to the performance review of the Chief of Police
  • Creating and implementing a community outreach program & coordinating outreach activities with the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights
  • Promote and engage a cross section of the community stakeholders in the implementation of the plan
DepartmentCivil Rights, Office of Police Conduct Review
Phone Number(612)-673-2426
Number of MembersSeven (7) members
Appointment Process4 members shall be appointed by the City Council, with 3 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by a majority of the City Council. The members are appointed using the City's Open Appointment Process
Term of AppointmentTwo (2) years
CompensationEach member shall be paid $50.00 for each day when the member attends one (1) or more meetings
Residency RequirementEach member shall be a resident of the City of Minneapolis

Last updated May 20, 2014