Bicycle Parking

Minneapolis Bicycle Parking Regulations (pdf)

Plentiful, accessible, and secure bike parking encourages people to use their bicycles and contributes to a greener Minneapolis. Click on the following links to learn more about bike parking options offered around the city.

Bicycle Parking Rules

The City has the right to remove bicycles that are parked illegally. Click here to read the Minneapolis City Ordinance regarding bike parking. Love your bike? Don't park illegally! 

Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle lockers are a covered and secure way to store your bicycle over longer periods of time. Shower services are also available near some lockers. Lockers are available for rent throughout downtown, at the University of Minnesota, and near most major transit stops.

Bicycle Rack Cost Share Program

Encourage biking by installing bike racks! Through the Bicycle Rack Cost Share Program, the city pays 50% of the cost toward installing bike racks at eligible businesses. Schools, libraries, parks and other public facilities can also request to receive racks at no cost.


Event Parking for Bikes

Many local events provide bike parking for limited periods of time. If you're heading to a festival, sporting event or concert, check ahead to see if bike parking is provided.

Last updated Feb 8, 2012