Stolen & Abandoned Bicycles

Register your bicycle with the new Minneapolis Bicycle Registration database.

The frustration of a stolen bicycle is oftentimes preventable, by you! Learn more about how to properly secure your bicycle, as well as how to register it with the Minneapolis Police Department: Preventing Bicycle Theft (pdf)Visit our web page about how to lock your bike, too. Please note, the simplest way to recover your bicycle if it is stolen, is to write down the serial number today. If 20 blue Huffy bicycles are being held at the City’s Property & Evidence warehouse, and you had your Blue Huffy stolen, the serial number will guarantee your claim. Also consider registering your bicycle with the City of Minneapolis Bicycle Registration database. Registering your bicycle greatly increases the likelyhood it will be returned to you if recovered. 

Has your bicycle already been stolen? Report the theft to the Minneapolis Police Department. If you don’t report your bike as stolen, it may not be considered as such by the authorities, even if you see someone riding by on it. Most bicycles are stolen from homes, so it is important to keep your bicycle locked and/or in a locked space at home. If your bicycle was stolen as a result of a break-in within your home or garage, call 911 to report the burglary.

The MPD can also help you recover your bike. Call the City’s Property & Evidence Warehouse (673-5665) before you stop by. The warehouse is not open to the general public on a drop-in basis.

Bicycle auctions are held to sell unclaimed and abandoned bikes, several times per year. Approximately 100 bicycles are sold at each auction. Read more about where and when bicycle auctions take place.

Members of the public are encouraged to report abandoned bicycles to 311, or directly to the City’s Property & Evidence Warehouse (673-5665). A city employee will remove unlocked, abandoned bicycles upon request. If the bicycle is locked however, it will be tagged to give the owner 24 hours of notice before removal (unless it is locked in an illegal location). Legal locations include bike racks and sign posts. Illegal locations include parking meters, trees, light posts, traffic signal poles, and handrails.

Last updated May 20, 2013