Bicycle Lockers

Bicycle lockers protect your bicycle from the elements and secure your vehicle from theft while you are away from home. The City of Minneapolis has lockers stationed throughout downtown for the convenience of our customers. Lockers are also available at the University of Minnesota and along major transit lines, including the Hiawatha Light Rail.


Most bicycle lockers downtown are provided by the Traffic & Parking Services Division of the Department of Public Works. This map shows their locations: Downtown Bicycle Locker Locations (pdf)

Please call the Government Center Ramp at (612) 339-2560 to check for locker availability.

Showers are also available with the rental of a bicycle locker at two locations. Please call directly to inquire about their availability:

  • Ramp A - 7th Street at 101 N 9th St: 612-333-9031
  • Courthouse Ramp at 300 S 4th St: 612-904-2429 (available only to federal, county, and state employees)

University of Minnesota

Transit Locations

Last updated Oct 20, 2011