For maintenance requests related to Nice Ride Bicycle Sharing, call 1-877-551-6423.

Maintenance of bikeways is handled by four agencies. The lists below are a guide which will assist you in reporting a maintenance concern. If you see a problem, please call one of the phone numbers below. Government agencies rely on the public to flag bicycle-related maintenance problems.

Within reason, you are encouraged to report any maintenance task that affects your safety or convenience. This may include items such as pothole repair, debris pick-up, overgrown brush, problems with sewer grates, snow and ice removal, etc.

City of Minneapolis

Call 311 or (612) 673-3000*

*Some City of Minneapolis maintenance issues can be reported online. Go to, and click on the "Report Issues & Complaints" drop-down menu. Issues pertaining to graffiti, potholes, signs, street lights, and traffic signals are available on this menu.

Hennepin County

Call (612) 596-0299

*Hennepin County maintains striping and potholes only. The City of Minneapolis maintains signs and debris pick-up along county routes.

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Call (612) 230-6400

University of Minnesota

Call (612) 625-1333

* The U of M Transitway Trail is not plowed in winter.

Last updated Feb 28, 2014