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Bike Boulevard

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A bicycle boulevard is a lower-volume, lower-speed street that has been optimized for bicycle traffic. The purpose of a bicycle boulevard is to provide bicyclists, especially those who are not comfortable riding on busy streets a safer and more relaxing place to ride. While many residential streets are already favorable to most bicyclists, a bicycle boulevard goes the extra step to provide safe crossings at major streets and encourage motorists to travel at slow speeds, while reducing the frequency of stop signs.

This environment is created through a variety of traffic calming and design elements such as speed humps, traffic circles, curb extensions, medians, and traffic signals. Many of the changes, especially the intersection treatments, improve safety for pedestrians and motorists, too. Bicycle boulevards are designated with pavement markings that include a large bicycle symbol with the text “BLVD.”

When you drive:

When you bike:

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Last updated Feb 1, 2012