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Evan Sventek, Age 8

Lives: Armatage

Goes to School: Lake Harriet Community School, 3rd Grader

What sort of trips do you take by bicycle?
I ride back and forth to school every day. It’s about 14 blocks each way.

How often do you bike?
Twice a day - 5 days a week, and sometimes on the weekend.

How long have you been riding your bike?
About 2 years.

What keeps you pedaling?
Saving the earth and getting exercise.

What kind of bike do you ride?
A Schwinn Frontier.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Around the lake.

How do you stay safe when you ride?
I wear a helmet and gloves. I ride on the sidewalk or I stay on the right side of the street. Before I cross a street I stop at stop signs or I slow down when I have the right-of-way. I look left, right, and then left again. If the traffic seems too heavy or dangerous I get off and walk my bike.

Do you have a shining moment with a motorist, or something you really appreciate from motorists?
I like it when they let me know that they can see me and they let me in.

Last updated Oct 21, 2011