More Bikes, Safer Streets

More and more people are realizing that bicycling is an easy and efficient way to get around our city. With an increase in the number of bicyclists, Minneapolis has been fortunate to see the number of bicycle crashes remain flat.

While added bicycle infrastructure has helped improve bicycle safety Minneapolis, the growing number of bicyclists also appears to be helping. While the number of regular bicycle commuters doubled over the past two decades, the number of reported crashes has held steady at around 300 crashes per year. With approximately 3,000 bicycle commuters in 1993 and 7,000 in 2011, the city-wide crash rate decreased by over two fold.

This trend is not unique to Minneapolis and is documented in other cities. Analysis of 68 California cities found that counter to intuition, “a motorist is less likely to collide with a person walking and bicycling when there are more people walking or bicycling.” Data from Portland, Oregon reveals a similar trend as bicycling increases. While more bicyclists are not leading to more bicycle crashes, reducing the number of crashes remains a priority in Minneapolis.

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Last updated May 10, 2013