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2011 Bicycling Account & Winter Biking Tips

The Public Works Department released the first edition of the Minneapolis Bicycle Account, highlighting bicycling accomplishments made over the past year. The report covers key topics including bicyclist traffic counts, safety improvements, new projects, innovative facilities, bike sharing, education and encouragement efforts, and new bicycle-related policies and ordinances. The Bicycling Account is set to be released on a biennial basis, alternating years with a Walking Account. The full report can be viewed on the City’s Bicycling website.

In Minneapolis, many bicyclists embrace the winter months by continuing to ride. If you are already biking, or considering winter biking, here are some tips for dealing with the snow, cold temperatures, and motorists. The Ambassadors are giving a talk about winter bicycling this Saturday at the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s Open House at the Midtown Bike Center. The talk is at 4:00 PM – come share your experiences! The Coalition will also be discussing streetcars along the Greenway at 3:00, and you can stay for an Open House and Happy Hour from 5 – 6:30.

Last updated Nov 18, 2013