Internal Audit Department

350 S. Fifth St., Room 302
Minneapolis, MN 55415


The City of Minneapolis’ Internal Audit Department is required by the Institute of Internal Auditor standards to communicate the results of engagements. Below you will find those audit reports published by order of the Audit Committee.


2016-01: Records Management Audit Addendum

2016-02: HR File Maintenance and Retention Audit Report

2016-03: Employee Separation Analysis

2016-04: Evaluation of Neighborhood Programming and Support

2016-05: Third Party Audit of the Downtown Minneapolis Transportation Management Organization


2015-01: Police Body Camera Pilot Program

2015-02: Police Body Camera Infographic

2015-03: P-Card Consultation Memo

2015-04: Records Management Audit

2015-05: Finance Internal Control Monitoring Program Consultation Memo

2015-06: Complaint Protocol Consultation Memo


2013-01: Accounts Payable Review

2013-02: Application Security Review

2013-03*: General Ledger Accounting Review

2013-03*: Construction Contract Review

2013-04: Payroll Review

2013-05: Utility Revenue Collections Review

2013-06: RiskMaster Post-Implementation Review


2012-01: Grant Management Process Review

2012-02: External Penetration Assessment

2012-03: Database Access Review  

2012-04: Unisys Contract Review

2012-05: School Based Clinics - Electronic Health Record System Pre-Implementation Review

2012-06: Fleet Management Review

2012-07: Xcel Energy, Inc. Franchise Agreement Review

2012-08: Development Loans (Loan C) Review 


2011-01: Training Finance Department on Testing of Internal Controls

2011-02: Minneapolis Police Department Scheduling & Time Reporting Review

2011-03: Timekeeping System Pre-Implementation Review

2011-04: Procurement Process Review

2011-05: Ampco Contract Review  

2011-06: Water Revenue Capture Review

2011-07: Bank Account Reconciliation, Access and ACH Transactions Review

2011-08: City of Minneapolis Cash Collection and Handling Review

2011-09: Impound Lot Review  

 *2013-03 was used twice in error.

Last updated May 26, 2016