Regulatory Services

Minneapolis Animal Care
& Control

212 17th Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

911 for Emergencies (Animal Attacks)

Call 311 (non-emergency issues)

612-673-MACC (6222)
Fax: 612-673-6255


Multiple Animal Permits

Several types of permits are required by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control (MACC) including:

Permitting Process and Requirements

For Small Animal and Multiple Animal Permits you must:

Multiple Animal Restrictions

Minneapolis residents can have three animals (dog, cat, ferret, or rabbit) over the age of four months. A multiple animal permit can be obtained through Animal Control to keep more than three.

Violations of the law can be reported to 311 or (612) 673-3000.

See Minneapolis Code of Ordinances Ch. 64 - Dogs, Cats, Ferrets and Rabbits

Multiple Animal Fees

Small Animal Fees

Honeybee Permits:

For Honeybee Permits you must:

Note: Applications for multiple animal, small animal and honeybee permits are not available online. To receive a permit application or for more information, please call 311.

Animal Event Permit

Special event permits are required for events held in Minneapolis involving any hoofed animal or an animal that is wild by nature. Examples of such events include but are not limited to: circuses, petting zoos, pony rides, community events and weddings. There are three classes of permits:

Proof of insurance and a completed questionnaire must be submitted with the application. You may start the process by downloading the Application and Questionnaire for Animal Permit (pdf). For more information, please call 311.

Failure to obtain a permit or failure to comply with permit requirements could result in fines up to $2,000.

Last updated Aug 12, 2013