Regulatory Services

Minneapolis Animal Care
& Control

212 17th Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

911 for Emergencies (Animal Attacks)

Call 311 (non-emergency issues)

612-673-MACC (6222)
Fax: 612-673-6255

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Ways to Help the Animals

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control works with residents to create safe and healthy communities for people and animals.  We know that our work is significantly positively impacted by caring and passionate people who want to lend a hand to animals in need. 

I'm in the Dog House Raised $19,000

Our annual fall fundraiser - I'm in the Dog House - raised just over $19,000 for the animals in our care. A special thank you to our title sponsor Pampered Pooch Playground for their gracious support of the event. Our staff and volunteers are grateful for the support of our "celebrities" who raised money to get out of the Dog House...Mayor Betsy Hodges, Council Member John Quincy, Council Member Jacob Frey, Council Member Blong Yang, Council Member Andrew Johnson, as well as our volunteers...Catie Maloney ($1,700), Donovann and Arianna Bower ($1,250), Kristin Heiberg ($625), Suzanne Jankowski ($550), Judy Hupp ($408), Erika Fronk, Robin Sook, Sandy Whelan, Kate Litaker, Lilly Carlon, LouAnn Wright, Sarah Gamble, and "Lucky" from Lucky Dog Pet Care.

We had a wonderful turn-out and cannot wait to start planning for next year's event.


2014 Dog House Event - Group Photo

Financial Donations

According to the IRS, gifts to a local government entity are tax deductible if they are solely for public purposes.  All donations to the Animal Shelter must be used in one of two ways -- for Animal Care (dog biscuits, cat treats or toys, etc.) or Responsible Pet Ownership (dog bite prevention education for children, etc.).  Therefore, donations to Minneapolis Animal Care & Control may be tax deductible on your federal income taxes.  Please ask your tax attorney or financial advisor for further clarification.

Donate Now

In-Kind Donations 

Please click here for our Wish List for the animals

In addition, MACC is always eager to receive the following items for our dogs and cats:

NOTE:  Due to ongoing safety and health concerns, please DO NOT donate dog treats from China.


Volunteer Your Time

We encourage you to find ways to help the animals that meet your interests, time commitment and ability.  While some folks are able to donate financially, others give of their time by volunteering.




Last updated Nov 17, 2014