Regulatory Services

Minneapolis Animal Care
& Control

212 17th Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

911 for Emergencies (Animal Attacks)

Call 311 (non-emergency issues)

612-673-MACC (6222)
Fax: 612-673-6255


Animal Control

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control (MACC) enforces the provisions of Minneapols City Ordinance, Title 4 - Animals and Fowl.

MACC receives more than 16,000 field service calls each year. Annually, MACC responds to and investigates approximately 400 animal bite reports, declares 250 aggressive dogs, and ensures compliance of 250 dangerous dogs.

Common Animal-Related Ordinances

Maximum Number of Pets Allowed (Title 4, Chapter 64.100)

Leashing Requirements; Dogs Running at Large (Title 4, Chapter 64.50)

Rabies Vaccination Required (Title 4, Chapter 66)

Dogs Disturbing the Peace (Barking) (Title 4, Chapter 64.90)

Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Animals (Title 4, Chapter 64.110)

License Required - Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Ferrets (Title 4, Chapter 64.10)

Animal Control Officer with dog

MACC's 2014 Report to the Community

Last updated May 6, 2015