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Animal Rescue Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved rescue group. Once the application is received, we will contact you for additional information and to schedule a personalized visit and interview. Please note that all decisions are made in the best interests of four-legged friends. Thus, our greatest need is for groups that can care for cats and powerful breeds dogs (Pit Bull, Rottweiler, etc.).

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control (or MACC) has a long history of partnering with a variety of animal rescue groups. If we cannot find a pet’s original owner within the mandatory Minnesota Statutory waiting period, we make the animal available to the general public for adoption. If the animal is not readily adopted or if the pet needs specialized care, MACC will make the pet available to rescue groups.

The approval process is typically completed between October and March. The time frame is influenced by the fact that bite reports, as well as animal intake into the shelter, doubles during the summer months. This happens because children and dogs are out in the community because it is warmer and school is not in session. Our first priority is the care of the animals at MACC and therefore other special projects must be put on hold.

If approved, how would you like your rescue to be listed on our website?

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Working with Foster / Adoptive Homes

Animal Care

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Please list at least one veterinarian, one person or family who has adopted from you, and at least one foster home. Please list phone numbers and email addresses.

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