Page content checklist

Use this list to make sure your content is ready for publishing.

At a glance

Our printable checklist includes a list of the top items to look at when deciding whether a page is ready to be published.

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Checklist overview

  • Page settings
    • Do not make any changes to settings on the General tab.
  • Writing style
    • Reading level at or below grade 8
    • Active voice
    • Friendly tone
  • Page name, heading and summary
    • Page name in title case; use & not and; no parentheses; avoid starting a page name with a verb
    • Page heading (H1) in sentence case (except for proper nouns); should be same or similar to page name
  • Headings and scannability
    • Headings sentence case (except for proper nouns)
    • Short paragraphs and bulleted lists for lists of three or more items
  • Links, PDFs and gateway pages
    • Links all work
    • External links open in a new window
    • Telephone numbers are linked
    • All documents, Smartsheets and other visualizations appear on a gateway page
  • Images and icons
    • Images have alt text, have a file size of 200K or smaller, and are high quality.
    • Images are copyright-free or have a signed Tennessen
    • Icons are relevant to the content
  • Contact info
    • Phone numbers and other contact information for the City appear in a contact content type
    • Contact content type is mirrored

Printable checklist