Row of Images

Feature up to three images with unique captions in a row.

What it will look like

Alt Text 1
Optional caption text
Alt Text 2
Optional caption text
Alt Text 3
Optional caption text

When to use

You should use a Row of Images block when you would like to display multiple related images in one place. You can add up to three images per row.

When to consider something else

If you have a single image that you want to feature near the top of the page, you can consider using the Hero Image content type.

When you want to feature more than 3 photos, consider using the Image Carousel.

If you have supporting content for each photo, a stack of Feature Image/Video content types may work for you.

Best practices


  • If you include a caption for one image, include a caption for all images.
  • Consider the image proportions when you decide how many to include in a row. Narrow photos work well together in a row. Wide photos work best alone.
  • You should use sentence case for captions, but you don't need to use complete sentences.
  • Follow best practices for using images.


  • Don't use the same content for the caption and the alt description of the image.


Always include an alt description of each image. Remember that not everyone will be able to see the photos you include. Provide context for each photo with the description and caption.

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