Resident Actions

Use this content type to display a link to an important action in an "I want to" section on your page. This helps site visitors quickly find key tasks on our site. 

What it will look like

A resident action is a tile with an icon, an action phrase and a brief description. Below is an example of 5 Resident Actions. A Group Heading that says "I want to" should always come before Resident Actions on your page.

I want to

When to use

Use Resident Actions when you want to link site visitors to tasks that can be completed on our site or even on an external site.

Examples of tasks

  • Looking up information in a table, online tool, interactive dashboard, etc.
  • Paying or applying or filling out a form
  • Downloading an app

When to consider something else

We use Resident Actions to link to most types of tasks or actions on our site. However, there are some kinds of tasks that have their own special content type.

  • Use the Issue Topic by Tag or Select to feature issues residents can report. They're a special type of task that have their own content type.
  • Use the Contact Heading & a Contact content type at the bottom of the page when you want to display contact information.
  • Use a Promotion if you only have 1 prominent action to display on a page. Use this also when you have marketing or promotional content to share.
  • Use a Sign-up Promotion if you want to promote a newsletter signup.

If you choose to use one of these content types, it must be placed below Explore this section. 

Best practices

  • Make sure your actions are resident-focused.
  • Make sure you're adding resident actions on pages where site visitors would expect to find them.
  • Make sure you're choosing the right icon for your action. What you choose should be based on the topic of your content.

Things to avoid

  • Don't use Resident Actions for marketing or promotion purposes.
  • Don't add the maximum amount of Resident Actions to every page. Add them purposefully.
  • Don't use "you" or "your" in the action. Make sure it makes sense when read with the phrase "I want to..."

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