Program/Initiative (by Tag or Select)

Program/Initiative (by Tag or Select) displays 3 Programs/Initiatives in one place. You may select a department, which will automatically show the 3 most recent Programs/Initiatives from that departme

What it will look like

Below is an example of a grouping of Programs/Initiatives by tag.

This is an example of a group heading

When to use

The Program/Initiative (by Tag or Select) content type should be used when you would like to display multiple related programs or initiatives in one place. You can display the latest programs or initiatives by departments or neighborhoods. You can also select which programs or initiatives to show manually.

When using the Program/Initiative (by Tag or Select) content type, choose one of the following categories to display programs or initiatives:

  • Department
  • Neighborhood
  • Manually

As new programs or initiatives are created, and tagged with either a department or neighborhood, the Program/Initiative (by Tag or Select) content type will automatically update over time.

When to consider something else

When you want to feature a single Program/Initiative, consider using a Promotion instead.

When linking to related pages (that aren't a Program/Initiative), consider adding a button, a text link, or a List of Links in Tiles.

Best practices


  • Either choose tags or select articles manually, not both.

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