News (by Tag or Select)

News (by Tag or Select) displays up to 3 news tiles in one place. You can display news items from the department, neighborhood, or ward. Alternatively, you may select news items manually.

What it will look like

Below is an example of a grouping of news items by tag. 

Example of News by Tag or Select

When to use

News (by Tag or Select) content type should be used when you want to display a grouping of news items.

There are two ways to use this content type. You may choose to automatically show the latest news items from a combination of department, neighborhood, or ward. These will update over time as new news items are identified with those tags.

Alternatively, you can manually select up to 3 news items to show. These news items will not change unless you update them. You might use this if you would like to collect news items on a specific topic. 

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