List of Links in Tiles

This content type allows you to include a collection of links to resources or supplemental information.

Always use a bulleted list

You should always format your links as a bulleted list when using this content type. Otherwise, your links won't display properly.

What it will look like

Below is an example of the List of Links in Tiles.

When to use

A List of Links in Tiles works best near the bottom of a page. Use this content type when you want to include 1 - 3 groups of links for further reading or to supplement the information already on the page.

You'll most often use this content type on:

  • 101 Guide pages
  • Ward pages
  • Department/Division pages

When to consider something else

When you want to display just one group of links, or your list of links don't fit into groups, consider using the Link with Icon content type instead.

Not all groups have the same number of links. If one group starts to become much larger than the others, consider reformatting your content. Or use the Link with Icon content type instead.

Best practices


  • Always use bulleted lists for links.
  • Include 3 - 7 links in each group.
  • Review the icon strategy for help picking an icon.


  • Don't include any content other than a bulleted list of links.
  • Don't use full sentences for link text.


Remember to use simple, clear language for the headings and link text.

You can add internal or external links using this content type. External links will automatically add the external link icon to indicate this will open in a new window. 

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