Article (Hidden)

Article (Hidden) is an invisible content type that should be used to add metadata in articles. Use it every time you create an article in order to tag the article with the relevant tags needed for it

What it will look like

This is an invisible content type. Edit this page in "Direct Edit" to see what the Article (Hidden) content type looks like.

When to use

You should use an Article (Hidden) any time you write an article. You won’t see any display changes on the article itself. We use this content type to keep track of metadata, for when articles are linked on other pages of the website.
In other words, anything you include here (e.g., an icon) will not show up on this article. However, it will appear elsewhere in the site when other pages have a link to this article.

When to use something else

This content type is the only one that serves this purpose. There is no alternative. 

Best practices


  • If you include an image, you must include an alt description for it.
  • Make sure you choose a good icon for your topic. It will not appear on this page, but it will show up any place where the article is referenced.


  • Do not use the Article (Hidden) content type on any pages other than articles.

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