Water tests

Every three years we test water in homes with lead plumbing.

2018 test results

We comply with all EPA guidelines to ensure that your drinking water is safe.

  • Every three years, we test water in single family homes with:
    • Lead service lines 
    • Lead pipes, or
    • Copper pipes soldered with lead installed after 1982 but before the 1985 ban on solder containing high concentrations of lead
  • In 2018, we tested water samples from 50 homes.
    • An independent certified laboratory contracted by the Minnesota Department of Health analyzed all the samples.
    • All homes tested below the EPA’s Action Level for copper.
    • Two homes tested above the 15 parts per billion (ppb) Action Level for lead.
    • Follow up testing showed the lead levels were from the kitchen faucet not the premise plumbing.
    • Letting the water run briefly decreased the lead levels to below 1 ppb
  • We've never had a violation of the Lead and Copper Rule of 1991.

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