Lead service line map

This map helps customers identify whether they have a lead water service line.

How to use the map

This map helps you know whether your property has a lead water service line. Data on this map is updated daily.

The addresses displayed on the map correspond to your utility bill.

Search for an address

  • Enter a Minneapolis address in the search address box located on the top right corner of the map. Press the enter key to start the search.
  • Zoom in to a city block to get a closer look. Pan or move around the screen to locate your address.
  • Keep in mind that map layers are only visible at a street scale. If you zoom out too much, you may not be able to see the data.

Map symbols

The map uses three symbols to represent service line materials:

  • Lead
  • Non-lead
  • Unknown

Unknown is used when there is a valid address, but the matching water service line record is not available.

Using the symbols

  • Click on the service line symbol to open the pop-up window.
  • Some symbols are displayed near your address along the street rather than in the center of your property.
  • Click on the symbol closest to your address to open the pop-up and verify your address.

Get help

If your address shows unknown, we can do more research on the water service lines near you. We encourage you to request further research on your address by filling out our request form.  We will research your record and provide you with the most up to date information available.

Complete the request form for further research on your address

Contact 311 if you need assistance with completing the request form

Request accessible format

If you need help with this information, please email 311, or call 311 or 612-673-3000.

Please tell us what format you need. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use.

Lead service line map

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