City makes call for pet adoptions

January 11, 2023

Due to the extremely high number of dogs and cats currently being sheltered, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control is asking for the public’s help in finding new homes for all of its adoptable animals.

The City’s animal welfare division is now at capacity, with 98 animals being housed – a 47% increase from this time last year. This number includes animals at the City’s shelter and those being cared for through Animal Care & Control’s foster program, which is also facing capacity issues. In just the past 11 days, 139 animals were brought to Animal Care & Control, which is a 57.5% increase from the same time in 2022.

Of the animals being housed, 36 were brought in as legal cases or protective custody (a 58% increase from 2022). Forty pets have been surrendered by their owners (a 67.5% increase from 2022), with many of those owners citing housing issues as the reason.  

Animal Care & Control is seeking people who are willing to adopt or foster any of its adoptable dogs and cats. They’re particularly interested in seasoned pet owners who can take care of dogs that require more experienced handlers. New animals are being made available to adopt every day, as Animal Care & Control staff examines strays and gives them full medical workups. All adoption fees continue to be waived, and animals will be completely vaccinated, sterilized, micro-chipped and ready to go.

Animal Care & Control accepts every animal regardless of health, age, breed or behavior. Staff are committed to providing humane care and always strive to do what is right for each animal in our care. When animals cannot be adopted by the general public, staff calls on the help of partner rescue groups and sanctuaries to help.

Information on adopting animals, volunteering and supporting Animal Care & Control is available on the City website.