Mayor Frey secures minimum wage for Uber drivers, vetoes rideshare ordinance

August 22, 2023

Mayor Jacob Frey supports drivers being paid higher wages and having improved working conditions. After dozens of conversations with drivers, riders, advocates, business associations, labor unions, and rideshare companies, Mayor Frey has secured a commitment from Uber that guarantees drivers en route to pick up a passenger in Minneapolis, or actively transporting a passenger within Minneapolis City limits, will earn at least Minneapolis minimum wage, calculated on a bi-weekly basis. Uber has also committed that no driver will make less than $5 for any trip in the Minneapolis metro area, no matter how short the trip. Both commitments take effect immediately.

In addition, Uber will continue working with Somali Community Resettlement Services (SCRS), a local non-profit, to assist drivers who wish to appeal a deactivation decision. SCRS has a direct line to the Deactivation Review team at Uber and the ability to provide additional context and supporting documentation when requesting Uber re-review a driver’s case.

At the same time, Mayor Frey cannot support the ordinance that was passed last week, and he has vetoed Legislative File No. 2023-00044. The mayor outlined his concerns to the City Council in an email on Aug. 16, prior to the vote. He said more time was needed to deliberate and review essential data before an ordinance was enacted with unknown effects on fair driver pay, safety for all, and the future of rideshare in Minneapolis.

Over the next couple weeks, the mayor will start a process for a new ordinance – a process that will include input from a broad set of stakeholders, including drivers, labor unions, business associations, disability advocates, City staff, Council representation, Mayor’s staff, and representatives from Uber and Lyft.