Never put fat, oil or grease down the drain

November 18, 2022

Just like eating greasy food can clog people’s arteries, grease and fat can build up in drainpipes in homes and out under the streets. Remember: Never put fat, oil or grease down your drain – even if you have a garbage disposal.

These clogs can cause sewage backups into basements and require expensive repairs. Fat, oil and grease can destroy your property’s interior plumbing or connection to the City’s system, resulting in expensive repairs that are the property owner’s responsibility.

Rather than dumping it down the drain, you can let liquid fat cool in the cooking pan or pour it into a disposable container. Once it solidifies, it can be reused or thrown in the trash. Fat trimmings can go in your organics recycling.

Find more information about proper disposal of fats, oils and grease and why it’s so important on the City website.