Regulatory Services inspectors now use electric bikes

May 31, 2022

Inspectors with the Regulatory Services Department now have access to a fleet of electric bicycles to do their work. The addition of e-bikes reduces operational costs, promotes health and helps the City become more sustainable. 

A total of five e-bikes were purchased by Inspections Services for use on inspection visits to properties throughout Minneapolis. The e-bikes are supplementing, not replacing, the existing fleet of SUV so inspectors have more travel options. They are practical for reaching any property in Minneapolis inspectors need to visit. 

Since start of the year, inspectors have traveled approximately 1,225 miles on City e-bikes. This has reduced gasoline consumption and wear and tear on fleet motor vehicles. It has also reduced the volume of carbon emissions produced by the City.

Inspections Services is a division of the Department of Regulatory Services and is responsible for rental licensing, nuisance condition abatement, and enforcement of the Housing Maintenance Code.