Redistricting for Minneapolis wards and park districts completed

March 2, 2022

The Minneapolis Charter Commission today approved new boundaries for 13 City Council wards and the six Park & Recreation districts. These two maps are available on the redistricting website.

The Charter Commission updates boundaries of ward and park districts to reflect new population counts after every census. A redistricting group composed of commissioners and nine advisory member volunteers was formed last year to do this work using 2020 census data. After considering public input received during public hearings and in writing, the group recommended the new ward and park district maps that commission members approved today.

The City Council will now consider and approve updated election precincts and polling place locations, all of which go into effect this year. Every registered voter in Minneapolis will receive a notice of their ward, precinct and polling place via a postal verification mailing before the primary election.

The new City Council ward boundaries will be used for Council Member elections in November 2023. The new Park & Recreation district boundaries will be used for Park Board Commissioner elections in November 2025.

All maps considered during the redistricting process are displayed in the map Submission Gallery. The Gallery was created to allow anyone to submit a map for public review and comment. Meetings of the Redistricting Group and Charter Commission are archived at the City’s YouTube channel.