Minneapolis opens eighth school clinic for teen health care

February 23, 2022

The City of Minneapolis opened its eighth clinic inside a high school to provide students with easy access to quality health care that costs them little or nothing.

Opened this month as part of a long-term partnership between the City and Minneapolis Public Schools, the clinic in the FAIR School for Arts became the eighth school clinic in Minneapolis focused solely on teen health needs and education. This clinic will serve students at both the FAIR School for Arts and Wellstone International High School.

Teens traditionally underuse health care services, largely due to lack of access. Research shows that access to health care is one of the best ways to improve students’ academic performance. Teens do better in school when they are healthy. Healthy students tend to have higher attendance, better grades and lower dropout rates.

School-based clinics address this issue by bringing health care to where students already spend most of their time: school. These clinics provide students convenient low-cost or no-cost access to health care, health education, and the ability to address health concerns early and with privacy. Along with primary care, the new FAIR-Wellstone clinic will also offer:

  • Sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment.
  • Nutrition counseling.
  • Prescriptions.
  • Laboratory services.
  • Sports physicals.
  • Education around risky health behaviors.

The Minneapolis Health Department has operated clinics for students in partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools and the district’s principals, teachers and other staff for over 40 years. The seven other clinics are located at Edison High School, Henry High School, Longfellow Alternative High School, Roosevelt High School, South High School, Southwest High School and Washburn High School. Hennepin County operates a clinic at North High School through NorthPoint Health and Wellness. Clinics are open for students during the school day with some after-school availability by appointment.

February is also School Based Health Care Awareness Month. The month promotes that all students deserve to thrive and to grow into healthy, productive adults, and that uniting health care with education allows students to meet their true potential.

Learn more about Minneapolis School Based Clinics on the City website.