Take action on climate and equity: virtual meeting

August 16, 2022

We need your help to plan how we reduce carbon emissions and improve the daily lives of residents, particularly those hit the hardest by climate change. The City of Minneapolis is creating a new Climate and Equity Plan that puts people first in our race to save the planet.

We need to reduce greenhouse gases as soon as possible. We’re already feeling climate change in Minneapolis in the form of extreme weather, increasing invasive species and diseases, and ecosystem change. Climate change effects are even harder on people who:

  • Live in areas or homes vulnerable to extreme weather.
  • Lack resources to adapt to climate change.
  • Already face health and environmental burdens.

Help us decide how we tackle climate change and spend our resources in our communities:

The new plan will guide policies and programs supporting science-based greenhouse gas reduction goals and the benefits clean energy investments bring for our economy and our community. The City Council will consider the updated plan in spring 2023.

Learn more about the City’s Climate and Equity Plan.