Ward 2 City Council election recount completed

November 23, 2021

Elections officials have completed the recount of ballots cast in the Ward 2 City Council election earlier this month. The total number of ballots challenged exceeds the 19-vote margin of victory in that close race.

The recount was requested by second-place candidate Yusra Arab, who is challenging 12 of the nearly 10,000 ballots cast. Winning candidate Robin Wonsley Worlobah is challenging 10 of the ballots. The recounted vote totals in the race (excluding challenged ballots) are 4,046 for Robin Wonsley Worlobah, 4,032 for Yusra Arab and 1,699 for neither of the candidates.

The challenged ballots will be presented to the City Council, sitting as the Municipal Canvassing Board, for a final decision and the certification of the recount results. Once scheduled, the Canvassing Board meeting will be added to the calendar at lims.minneapolismn.gov.