Participate in the redistricting process

December 13, 2021

Redrawing all City Council and Park & Recreation Board districts is now underway. You can learn about how these new boundaries will be established and comment on initial draft maps at a Dec. 15 public meeting.

Online discussion

The meeting is 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 15. You can register online to participate in the discussion. You can watch the meeting on the City's website, the City's YouTube Channel, or on Comcast channels 14 or 799. 

Sign up for meeting notices

You can also sign up to get notices for all upcoming redistricting meetings. Two more public hearings will be held before the March 29, 2022, ward redistricting deadline. All Minneapolis residents are encouraged to have a say in the drawing of new election boundaries as required after each census.

After every census, Minneapolis updates the boundaries of its 13 City Council wards and six Park Board districts to reflect new population counts. The Redistricting Group, made up of 24 Minneapolis volunteers, builds the new maps with input from their communities. The Redistricting Group needs your help with the redistricting project to make sure all voices are heard.

The 2021 municipal election was based on the 2010 census maps, but City Council members elected in November will serve a term of two years rather than four. Another City Council election in 2023 will be based on the new maps from the 2020 census

More information on redistricting is at