Get ready for street sweeping

April 8, 2021

Public Works crews are gearing up to start the City’s comprehensive street sweeping program to clear away what has accumulated in the streets over the winter. The City has scheduled Tuesday, April 20, for the first day of sweeping. Beginning Monday, April 19, drivers should watch for temporary “No Parking” signs to avoid a ticket and tow.

Starting April 20 for approximately four weeks, sweeping crews will take care of more than 1,000 miles of city streets. Alley sweeping will be completed by then. To make sure the crews can do the most complete job possible, temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted at least 24 hours in advance to make sure streets are clear of parked vehicles. Drivers need to follow street sweeping parking rules or they may have their cars ticketed and towed to the Minneapolis Impound Lot.

Residents, workers and visitors have several ways to find out more about street sweeping:

  • “No Parking” signs – Crews will post “No Parking” signs at least 24 hours before sweeping any streets. Parking will be banned from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the day a street is swept. The “No Parking” signs will be removed as soon as possible after a street has been completely swept to allow people to resume parking. Drivers should not park along these streets until these temporary “No Parking” signs are removed.
  • Phone calls to residents – The City will make about 3,500 automated phone calls each evening to let residents know their street will be swept the next day.
  • Interactive web tool –By the Friday before the first week of the sweep, you can visit the interactive street sweeping map to see when your street is scheduled to be swept.
  • Videos – Street sweeping is explained in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong in short videos on the City’s YouTube channel:
    • English: See how and why Minneapolis sweeps streets and what you can do to help keep streets and waterways clean.
    • Spanish: En este video vea por qué la Ciudad de Minneapolis limpia las calles y qué puede hacer usted para ayudar a mantener limpias las calles y vías fluviales.
    • Somali: Ka daawo fiidyowga taxanaha… ee Minneapolis ee loo yaqaan “Ma Ogtahay” siyaabaha iyo sababaha minneapolis jidadka ay u xaaqido oo ogow sidii aad uga caawin lahayd ilaalinta nadaafada jidadka iyo biyo mareenada.
    • Hmong: Yog xav paub ntxiv, sais nroog Minneapolis cov tshooj xov xwm hu, “Koj pos paub.”

Clean streets mean a healthier environment

Minneapolis is known for its sparkling lakes and waterways, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why protecting and enhancing our environment is one of the City’s top priorities. Street sweeping is one way we work to protect our environment because it keeps leaves, trash and other pollutants from clogging our storm drains and polluting our lakes, creeks and the Mississippi River. It also helps keep our neighborhoods clean and livable.

Residents should not push leaves, grass clippings, or anything else into City streets. Not only is it bad for our waterways, it’s against the law. Anything that goes down a storm drain flows directly into our lakes, creeks and the Mississippi River, and decomposing plant material in the water encourages the growth of harmful aquatic plants and algae. 

If you are looking to help keep our waterways clean, consider participating in the Minneapolis Adopt-a-Drain Program, where you can commit to clearing leaves and trash regularly from your adopted storm drains.