City launches 2021 scooter program

April 29, 2021

The City of Minneapolis has entered in to license agreements with two operators —Bird and Lyft — to participate in its 2021 shared motorized foot scooter program.

Under the program, the number of scooters allowed in the city is capped at 2,500. A maximum of 40% of scooters are allowed downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, and at least 30% of scooters must be distributed in areas of concentrated poverty in north, northeast and south Minneapolis. The program runs through Dec. 31, 2021.

Additionally, the City will be soliciting feedback this summer on the future of shared mobility (bike and scooter share) programs in the City in alignment with the work of the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan.

Equity and safety are key focus areas for the program. Beyond the scooter distribution requirements, operators are required to have low-income pricing programs and participate in other City led pilots, such as Mobility Hubs. They are also required to have ongoing education and outreach on safe riding and proper parking behavior, as well as the previously mentioned equitable pricing and access initiatives. State law regulates how motorized foot scooters can be operated. Scooters must follow the same traffic laws as bicyclists. They can’t be ridden on sidewalks and must be parked upright using the kickstand and locked to a municipal sign post or public bike rack, outside of the pedestrian path of travel.

For more information about motorized foot scooters, visit or call 311.