Water meter replacement

The City is replacing 100,000 residential and commercial water meters.

Key information


2018 to 2022



Project overview

To upgrade the current water meter reading system, the City will replace approximately 100,000 residential and commercial water meters. Our goal is to give customers more information about their water use and to create a better water distribution system.

How this free upgrade will help you:

  • Get faster answers to your billing and usage questions
  • Quickly see and compare your water use 
  • Receive text or email alerts about high water use or plumbing leaks 
  • Solve basic plumbing issues with video tips

Note: Water meter replacement is required by ordinance. If a customer does not participate in the replacement process, the City can turn off water service.

Replacement process

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

The City will send you a letter when it's your turn to have your meter replaced. The letter will explain how to schedule an appointment.

You must make an appointment.

Meter replacement appointments:

  • Take about one hour
  • Are available Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  • Require that an adult age 18 years or older be on site
Step 2

Prepare your meter

The meter installer will enter your home to replace the meter. Before your appointment, clear a path to the meter and clean the area around it. 

Step 3

Verify your installer

On the day of your appointment, verify that the installer works for the City by asking to see the logo on their badge. The logo should look like one of these:

If someone who says they are an installer comes to your door and you do not have an appointment or the person can't show you proper identification, call 911.

Step 4

Keep in mind

During and after your appointment:

  • Water service will stop during the installation.
  • After your new meter is installed, you might hear air in the pipes when you turn on your faucet. Run cold water to remove air from the pipes.
  • The City will recycle your old meter and reading device. 
  • The new meters measure water use more accurately. Depending on the accuracy of your current meter, you may see changes to your monthly bill.

Project phase

This program is in progress.



In Progress


How to prepare for installation

Watch our video to learn how we'll replace your water meter.

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