Resident safety

Stay informed and create a plan to be safe during the trial.

Be prepared

Create a hazard plan

Residents should create an all-hazards plan. All-hazards means learning to how to protect yourself, your family and your business during and after a disaster. This could include a tornado, transportation accident, snowstorm, civil disorder and more.

  • Create a plan and emergency kit.
    • You should be prepared to either shelter in place or evacuate, depending on the circumstances.
    • You should plan for disruptions to normal services for up to 72 hours. 
  • Create a communication plan.
  • Document and insure your property.
  • Know how to receive and understand alerts and warnings.
  • Take steps to safeguard documents and valuables.
  • Conduct a home security review and make any recommended improvements.
  • Know and practice alternate routes to and from key locations. 
  • Review insurance coverage with your insurance agent. 

Explore guides and templates for creating your plan