Business and property safety

Read how the trial may affect businesses and properties, and how to prepare.

Prepare your business or property

Emergency plans

Make sure you have an emergency plan. An emergency plan helps make sure you, your family and your business are protected during and after a disaster. Get free general guidance about what to include in an emergency plan.

Learn more about creating an emergency plan

Secure your building or property

Individual businesses will need to determine appropriate security measures. You may choose to add physical security measures to your building.   

  • Business and property owners are allowed to temporarily board their buildings during the period of the trial. 
    • In addition to traditional plywood boarding, businesses may want to consider transparent options, like acrylic or plexiglass, to maintain a welcoming appearance
  • Permanent retractable security doors are allowed to be installed on commercial businesses.
    • Building permits are required.
    • Security doors must be retracted to maintain open views through windows during open business hours.
    • No signage or graphics are allowed on the retractable doors.   
  • Consider the physical environment around your building. Remove or secure any potentially hazardous or flammable material, such as loose bricks or wood pallets. 
    Check in with your insurance company and make sure your policy is up to date and that you understand what your insurance policies cover.   
  • Upload electronic copies of important documents and records to an online cloud service (for example: Dropbox, Google Drive) and/or bring physical copies to an off-site location.
  • Minimize the amount of cash and checks on site.  
  • Keep valuable inventory away from windows.

Private security

We understand that people may want additional security for your businesses. If you choose to hire private security, only contract with a licensed company.  These personnel will carry their own insurance and have training.  To confirm that a company has an active license with the State of Minnesota, check the State of Minnesota Board of Private Detective and Protective Agent Services website.

City of Minneapolis Small Business Team

The City's Small Business team handles general questions from business and commercial property owners about preparations before the trial, operating during the trial and local regulations.

Contact the City's Small Business Team

Insurance policy help

The MN Department of Commerce can help you understand your policy and/or resolve disputes with your insurance company.

Visit the Consumer Services Center

Call 651-539-1600

Call 800-657-3602 (outside Twin Cities metro area)

Additional information

City-wide business operation

  • Downtown and neighborhood business will be open during the trial.
  • No closures or restrictions are currently anticipated. 

City buildings and services

  • City services will continue as normal.
  • City buildings will remain open.

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