Stay Healthy Streets during COVID-19

The City of Minneapolis made updates to streets in response to COVID-19.

Street updates in response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we have made updates to our streets. Learn more about these dates.

Pick-up only zones

Fewer pedestrian push buttons 

Other updates

Pick-up only zones to support local businesses

The City has issued permits for and installed more than 50 pick-up only zones for businesses. The pick-up zones allow parking for up to 10 minutes for people picking up take-out food or other items.

If you're a business interested in a food pick-up zone:

Contact us 

Fewer pedestrian push buttons to reduce the need to touch surfaces

We've changed traffic signals so pedestrians no longer need to push a button to get a walk signal. We've made this change at over 400 signalized intersections. Crews placed signs on the signal posts that notify people of this change.

For blind and visually-impaired people

The button remains operational to call the audible features

Other updates we've made

We installed 16 miles of Stay Healthy Streets to support social distancing while

  • Walking
  • Rolling
  • Biking

Crews have since removed them. The State of Minnesota guidance changed for the Stay Safe Minnesota COVID-19 response.

These emergency installations have told us more about community needs.

We'll use safety and community feedback to help make future investments that support

  • Traffic calming
  • Walking routes
  • Biking routes

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