Open Streets works with many groups to help organize and fund events.

Our partner organizations

How we've shared roles in the past

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has always served as the Open Streets Minneapolis Organizer. Many groups help to plan and put Open Streets Minneapolis into action. it's important to have a clear understanding of the roles and duties for each party.

Route event hosting

At times, the Coalition has partnered with local organizations to provide event hosting.

There's a professional services agreement between the City and the Organizer. This exists to clearly define and distribute duties. The Organizer also develops a memorandum of understanding (MOU). Thy develop this with each of the route event hosts.

Past route event host arrangements

2012 - 2015
The Lowry Corridor Business Association acted as a route event host for the Lowry Avenue North events.

The Lyndale and Kingfield Neighborhood Associations have acted as a joint route event host. They've hosted for the Nicollet Avenue events starting in 2014.

Funding and partnerships

Many community organizations partner with the Open Streets Minneapolis initiative.

Early program funds

When the initiative first started

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition paid all costs for the Open Streets Minneapolis events.

They raised this money by fundraising through

  • Grants
  • Local businesses
  • Sponsorships

They also provided volunteers to organize the events and be present on the event days.

2013 Funding and support changes

The City began to provide City services and support. They did this as an in-kind contribution toward the initiative.

Provided services include

  • Traffic control
  • Police security
  • Trash/recycling bins
  • Traffic control detour signs and barricades

City budgets cover these costs.


Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Center for Prevention at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Since the Open Streets initiative started, they've been a major sponsor and supporter.

City of Minneapolis

The initiative has been co-sponsored by the City of Minneapolis since 2013.

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