Municipal ID

The City is developing a program to give all residents the opportunity have access to a government-issued form of identification.
We Are Minneapolis
We Are Minneapolis

Minneapolis strives to be a vibrant and welcoming city to all our residents. We are proud of this value and we want to show it – by having one identification card that shows We Are Minneapolis.

Minneapolis passed a ordinance that would allow the city to plan and put in place a Municipal ID program. The program goals are ensuring fair access to services, programs, and benefits.

See Municipal Identification Program ordinance

The Police Department would recognize the ID as a primary form of identification.

Though key community partnerships, the City could provide other benefits. For example it might be used as a bus card, bank ID, or discount card for local arts, culture centers and restaurants.

Why create a Municipal ID program?

To remove barriers.

Many Minneapolis residents face barriers to obtaining critical services as a result of not having a government-issued form of identification. Barriers include:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Being admitted to a hospital
  • Obtaining prescription drugs
  • Registering children for school
  • Filing a police report
  • Obtaining identification with your preferred gender identity

Possible benefits

More than 20 U.S. cities or counties, including Detroit and Milwaukee, have used their Municipal ID program to develop partnerships with local businesses and cultural institutions that offer discounts and incentives to residents.

Potential benefits include:

  • Being used as a transit card
  • Discounts on restaurants
  • Discounts at local museums and theaters
  • Strengthening the relationship between local government and the community
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A Municipal ID is

An ID card issued by the City to ensure that residents can fully participate in the civic and economic opportunities within the city.

A Municipal ID is not

A replacement for a driver's license, not identification for voting, and will not serve as a document for eligibility for government benefits. Nor will it be proof of legal age for the liquor and tobacco.

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