Cultural district litter services

We're providing more litter clean up services in the City's cultural districts. There is no extra cost to businesses or residents for these services.


The City has temporarily increased litter management services in the City's seven cultural districts at no cost to businesses or residents. Cultural districts are defined by City ordinance.

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Some cultural districts overlap with Special Service Districts (SSDs). SSDs are a public / private partnership managed by Transportation, Maintenance and Repair Division of Public Works.

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Use the map to identify cultural districts and Special Service Districts. 

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Enhanced litter services

The City is providing additional services to support the work done by you, your neighbors, and Special Service Districts to keep your community clean.  These efforts are not intended to overlap or replace that work. Additional services started in the Spring of 2022 and are expected to continue through 2023.

Services include litter containers, litter pickup and measuring the results. 

  • Bus stops that did not already have a container nearby now have a new litter container. They are emptied up to three times per week.  Litter containers often prevent litter by providing a place to put garbage before it is left on the ground. By participating in this program, you agree to the following:
  • Litter pickup has been added to areas within 20 feet of containers. Litter is removed once per week by hand to build a cleaner community. A tidy appearance often prevents future littering.
  • Litter scans help measure the visual presence of litter. Scans will be done periodically throughout the next year to track improvements or declines. Results may help litter prevention activities continue.

Ways you can help

Clean City programs are available for residents and businesses. There is a free option for all Clean City programs. Participation helps manager litter and can be a community building activity. 

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