Official Notices

Find official notices and emergency regulations from the Mayor's Office.

Local Emergency Declaration

April 12, 2021

Mayor Frey issued this declaration in the aftermath of the death of an African American man that occurred during a traffic stop initiated by Brooklyn Center law enforcement in Brooklyn Center, MN.

Read the Declaration of Local Emergency: April 12, 2021 - Civil Disturbance

The declaration of emergency gives the Mayor authority to issue emergency regulations.

See Code of Ordinance 128.50

The Mayor has issued the following emergency regulations.

Emergency Regulations
2021-2-1 Establishes a curfew in Minneapolis for April 12.  4/12/2020
2021-2-2 Establishes a curfew in Minneapolis for April 13. 4/13/2020

Local Public Health Emergency

March 16, 2020

Mayor Frey declared a local public health emergency due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Read the Declaration of Local Public Health Emergency

The Mayor has issued the following emergency regulations related to the pandemic.

Emergency Regulations
2020-1 Orders temporary closure of bars, restaurants and places of public accommodation 3/16/2020 
2020-2 Allows the City to make purchases and contract for services more quickly 3/17/2020 
2020-3 Amends 2020-1 by adding to the list of public accommodations closed to include “adult day care center” or similar facilities 3/17/2020 
2020-4 Stops new land use applications during declared emergency period 3/17/2020 
2020-5 Waives late fees for renewal of food, taxi, liquor, wine, beer, or catering licenses 3/17/2020 
2020-6 Creates an interim designation for emergency responders and authorizes additional leave for all City personnel 3/20/2020 
2020-7 Suspends license renewal installment fees for liquor, wine, or beer 3/20/2020 
2020-8 Amends the list of places of public accommodation that are closed or otherwise restricted during the declared local public health emergency to include pedal cars 3/21/2020 
2020-9 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-02 3/2/2020
2020-10 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-4 4/9/2020 
2020-11 Sets rules for licensed congregate health care facilities 4/23/2020 
2020-12 Requires face coverings for indoor public locations 5/21/2020 
2020-13 Temporarily expands and relaxes zoning and business licensing regulations 5/26/2020 
2020-14 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-6 6/8/2020 
2020-15 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-3 7/24/2020 
2020-16 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-11 7/24/2020 
2020-17 Sets rules for bar areas within restaurants, nightclubs, brewpubs, breweries, craft distilleries, taprooms, and other indoor spaces of entertainment. 7/29/2020 
2020-18 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-14 10/14/2020 
2020-19 Allows licensed shelters to provide emergency overnight shelter services. 10/29/2020
2020-20 Sets rules for third-party food delivery platforms and services. 12/21/2020
2021-1 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-17 2/18/2021
2021-2 Requires emergency responders use earned COVID leave by the end of 2023. 2/19/2021