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Find official notices and emergency regulations from the Mayor's Office.

Local Public Health Emergency

March 16, 2020

Mayor Frey declared a local public health emergency due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Read the Declaration of Local Public Health Emergency

The City Council at a meeting on March 19, 2020, adopted Resolution 2020R-075 approving and extending the Mayor's Declaration of Local Public Health Emergency.

The Mayor has issued the following emergency regulations related to the pandemic.

Resolution 2021R-177 extends several emergency regulations to provide for a planned, phased end to the public health emergency. All other emergency regulations are rescinded or expired as of July 1, 2021. Emergency regulations still effect are in bold.

Emergency Regulations
2020-1 Orders temporary closure of bars, restaurants and places of public accommodation (expired) 3/16/2020
2020-2 Allows the City to make purchases and contract for services more quickly (expired) 3/17/2020
2020-3 Amends 2020-1 by adding to the list of public accommodations closed to include “adult day care center” or similar facilities (rescinded) 3/17/2020 
2020-4 Stops new land use applications during declared emergency period (rescinded) 3/17/2020
2020-5 Waives late fees for renewal of food, taxi, liquor, wine, beer, or catering licenses 3/17/2020
2020-6 Creates an interim designation for emergency responders and authorizes additional leave for all City personnel 3/20/2020 
2020-7 Suspends license renewal installment fees for liquor, wine, or beer 3/20/2020 
2020-8 Amends the list of places of public accommodation that are closed or otherwise restricted during the declared local public health emergency to include pedal cars (expired) 3/21/2020 
2020-9 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-02 (expired) 3/2/2020
2020-10 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-4 4/9/2020 
2020-11 Sets rules for licensed congregate health care facilities (rescinded) 4/23/2020 
2020-12 Requires face coverings for indoor public locations (rescinded) 5/21/2020 
2020-13 Temporarily expands and relaxes zoning and business licensing regulations 5/26/2020 
2020-14 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-6 6/8/2020 
2020-15 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-3 7/24/2020 
2020-16 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-11 7/24/2020 
2020-17 Sets rules for bar areas within restaurants, nightclubs, brewpubs, breweries, craft distilleries, taprooms, and other indoor spaces of entertainment. (rescinded) 7/29/2020 
2020-18 Amends Emergency Regulation 2020-14 10/14/2020 
2020-19 Allows licensed shelters to provide emergency overnight shelter services. (expired) 10/29/2020
2020-20 Sets rules for third-party food delivery platforms and services 12/21/2020
2020-21 Provides eligible City employees with 80 hours of 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Sick Leave 12/29/2020
2021-1 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-17 2/18/2021
2021-2 Requires emergency responders use earned COVID leave by the end of 2023 2/19/2021
2021-3 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2020-12 6/1/2021
2021-4 Re-establishing required face coverings in City buildings and properties (rescinded) 8/3/2021
2021-5 Adopts a COVID-19 Testing and Proof of Vaccination Policy for City employees, and amends Emergency Regulation 2020-21 9/8/2021
2021-6 Amends Emergency Regulation 2021-4 regarding face coverings in City buildings and properties (rescinded) 12/10/2021
2022-1 Re-establishes required face coverings for indoor public locations 1/5/2022
2022-2 Helps bars, restaurants, and other businesses temporarily expand premises 1/7/2022
2022-3 Updates the City’s employee COVID-19 vaccination and testing policy 1/7/2022
2022-4 Requires everyone entering food/drink establishment to show proof of either being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or a negative COVID test taken within three days 1/12/2022
2022-5 Amends Emergency Regulation 2022-4, updating requirements for proof of full vaccination or negative tests before entering an establishment that serves food or drink in Minneapolis 1/14/2022
2022-6 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2022-4 and 2022-5 2/10/2022
2022-7 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2022-1 related to face coverings in indoor public locations 2/24/2022
2022-8 Rescinds Emergency Regulation 2021-4 and 20211-6 regarding face coverings in City buildings and properties 3/10/2022