Become a Public Works Service Worker II

Our process for becoming a Public Works Service Worker II.
Step 1

Apply for a job

Submit an application when we post the Public Works Service Worker II jobs.

Make sure you qualify before applying. 

See job posting and apply

Step 2

Complete the physical agility test

To move forward in the process

You must pass each assigned section of the physical agility test.

We’ll contact you by email to schedule a time for you to take the physical and agility test. 

After you've passed

  1. We'll add you to a list of eligible candidates
  2. We'll move you forward in the process

Learn about the physical agility test

Step 3

Participate in an interview

We'll email selected candidates an invitation for a job interview. 

You will need to pass the following tests before we make a final job offer:

  • Practical exam
  • Background check
  • Pre-employment tests (drug & alcohol test, medical exam)
Step 4

Practical exams

If you move forward in the process, the second part of your interview may be a divisional practical.

You may need to complete a practical for jobs in the following divisions:

  • Solid Waste & Recycling - This is an abbreviated road rest in a sanitation vehicle.
  • Surface Waters & Sewers - This is a tunnel tour in confined underground spaces.
  • Transportation Maintenance & Repair - Bridge - This involves being hoisted in a person-carrying bucket in a bucket truck. This test involves heights.
Step 5

Complete background checks and pre-employment tests

After the job interview

We’ll make conditional job offers to select candidates.

If you accept a conditional job offer, you're required to complete:

  • A background check
  • Drug & Alcohol screening
  • Medical exam (DOT physical)

 If your background check and pre-employment test results meet our employment criteria, we will make a final job offer.

Read about the background check and pre-employment tests

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