Police officer duties

Our police officers patrol the City to keep us safe.

Job duties

Police officers patrol our city on foot and in a patrol car to keep us safe.

  • They are assigned to work out of one of our City's five precincts.
  • They typically work 10-hour shifts. Shifts may include weekends.

Duties include:

  • Resident interactions
    • Answer questions
    • Identify and solve neighborhood problems 
    • Direct the organization of neighborhood crime prevention activities
    • Respond to calls for assistance during a crisis
  • Investigations and arrests
    • Check suspicious activity, property and people 
    • Make arrests
    • Keep records
    • Write incident reports
    • Testify in court 
  • Traffic-related issues
    • Help people involved in accidents
    • Investigate and file accident reports
    • Enforce traffic laws

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