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You can learn about the search process and Mayor Frey's nomination.

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Police Chief search overview

The search for the next City of Minneapolis Police Chief has completed. Here is an overview of the process used.
  • The City hired an executive search firm, Public Sector Search & Consulting (PSSC),  to oversee the search process.
  • The community, stakeholders provided input.
  • The search committee helped with the selection of the finalists.
  • Mayor Frey nominated Brian O'Hara for City Council consideration on October 6.
  • The City Council approved hiring Brian O'Hara on November 3, 2022.

Learn more about the process details

March 6, 2022 press release

Mayor Frey

City of Minneapolis

Read the Mayor's public safety changes

“This will be one of the most consequential hires we ever make. The importance of hiring a reform-minded Chief of Police to lead a culture shift in our department cannot be overstated. It has never been more crucial or necessary to bring in a leader who can rebuild our department and achieve a renewed reality of public safety in the community. Now is the time. We must get this right.”

Gary Peterson

CEO of Public Sector Search & Consulting Inc.

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“Our team has been at the forefront of bringing new leadership to police departments across the country to instill community-minded values, innovation, and reforms. We are honored to be partnering with Minneapolis at this critical time and will be engaging stakeholders and community to inform the process and guide our search for the right Chief of Police to lead MPD into the future.” 

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