Ward 4 priorities

Council Member Cunningham strives to serve the Ward 4 community with excellence, compassion, and integrity. He aspires to co-create with his community a clean, healthy, and prosperous Upper Northside


Council Member Cunningham is dedicated to help stabilize and improve the quality of Camden’s housing stock. He promotes and leverages homeownership opportunities that support community wealth building, and continues to direct support towards initiatives that focus on supporting families, elders, and increased housing options.

Comprehensive Public Safety

Our goal is to build a more peaceful Ward 4 where all residents are safe and children are free to play outside without fear. To achieve this, we need a wide-ranging approach to public safety that includes violence prevention and intervention, targeted law enforcement, alternative responses to policing that unburden officers to focus on targeted law enforcement and investigations, and policing transformations with community oversight.

Community Engagement Team, Bike Cops for Kids and the 3rd Precinct Beat officers handed out coffee and ice cream to residents at Cedar Fields.

Strong Local Economy

To build a prosperous community, CM Cunningham leads efforts to grow a thriving local economy through supporting current businesses and aspiring local entrepreneurs to increase the number of small businesses in the community, development of more affordable commercial spaces, and ensuring the development of the Upper Harbor Terminal creates opportunities for community wealth building during and after its redevelopment process.

Upper Harbor Terminal and Minneapolis skyline

Youth Development

Supporting our community youth is a passion of Council Member Cunningham and the Ward 4 office. It is our goal to increase access to high-quality out of school time enrichment programs, including adaptive programming.

The health of our youth is also of high importance, and we strive to lower rates of children with lead poisoning and asthma.

Young girl at event at Victory Park wearing shirt that says never underestimate the power of women & girls.

Environmental Justice

Recognizing the impact of the environment on our community is a vital step to achieving environmental justice. The ward plans to further connect the community the riverfront as a sustainable amenity and visitor destination; reduce waste, water pollution, and air pollution; and increase access and use of affordable renewable energy.

Mississippi River and skyline from North Minneapolis

Increasing Accountability and Transparency

The engagement of our community members is vital for our work to be effective. To ensure this, we prioritize keeping our constituents informed and involved through accessible and frequent community feedback, and comprehensive community engagement system.

Council Member Cunningham meeting with a constituent

Positive Camden Community Identity

The Camden community is proudly known to many as their home, and a place to find support and opportunity. We continue to promote the positive Camden community by improving our image in ways such as keeping our neighborhoods clean, and fostering strong connections between our many communities.

North Minneapolis residents biking