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The people of Ward 11 elected Jeremy Schroeder to represent them on the City Council in 2017. Since taking office, he has worked hard to expand affordable housing options, deepen the City’s commitment

Council Member Jeremy Schroeder addresses constituents


Council Member Jeremy Schroeder is proud to represent Ward 11, home to diverse neighborhoods, abundant natural resources, and a vibrant local business community. His core values of equity and sustainability guide his work as a policymaker, and reflect the shared values of Ward 11 residents.

Throughout his career, Council Member Schroeder has led efforts to support good government, workers’ rights, human rights, and equity. Prior to his service on the City Council, he worked as an affordable housing advocate as Policy Director for Minnesota Housing Partnership, led the coalition that successfully abolished the death penalty in Illinois, and was Executive Director of Common Cause Minnesota. He holds a law degree from the University of District of Columbia Law School and an undergraduate engineering degree from Marquette University.

First Elected: 2017

Party: Democratic-Farmer-Labor

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