About Council reorganization

Due to the public health emergency, the City Council has restructured. We have streamlined our process.

How Council is organized

At the beginning of each term, the newly elected Council Members elect a Council President. The Council President establishes the committee structure and its leadership.

See how the Council was organized at the start of 2018.

How Council changed

At the start of the local public health emergency in April 2020, the Council was reorganized. It was reduced to three standing committees. In September 2020, two additional committees were added to help balance the workload.

See how it was reorganized.

The following table shows how original standing committees relate to the new structure.

Standing committees & chairs for 2018-2021 termCurrent committees & chairs
Chair: Linea Palmisano
Chair: Linea Palmisano
Economic Development & Regulatory Services
Chair: Lisa Goodman
Business, Inspections, Housing & Zoning
Chair: Lisa Goodman
Housing Policy & Development
Chair: Cam Gordon
Zoning & Planning
Chair: Jeremy Schroeder
Public Health, Environment, Civil Rights, and Engagement
Chair: Phillipe Cunningham
Public Health & Safety
Chair: Phillipe Cunningham
Public Safety & Emergency Management
Chair: Alondra Cano
Committee of the Whole
Chair: Andrea Jenkins
Policy & Government Oversight
Chair: Andrea Jenkins
Elections & Rules
Chair: Jeremiah Ellison
Chair: Linea Palmisano
Intergovernmental Relations
Chair: Andrew Johnson
Ways & Means
Chair: Abdi Warsame
Transportation & Public Works
Chair: Kevin Reich
Transportation & Public Works
Chair: Kevin Reich